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Sector Specialist or Sector Agnostic Business Broker?

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

There are many business brokers and transfer agents helping business owners sell their businesses, but when it comes to selecting who you want to engage to sell your business, it can get quite overwhelming.

Who is the best broker to sell my business? You may be wondering.

Engaging a sector specialist broker has major advantages over a sector agnostic broker, here are a few reasons why engaging a specialist broker could help you sell your business:

1. A broker specialised in selling salons will specialise in selling small to medium sized businesses, this will ensure you are always getting the best service from the broker. You don’t want to find yourself engaging a firm with a much bigger client leaving your business to last, your business is as much of a priority as any other.

2. Using a specialised sector broker can also push your sale price up; your specialised broker will know what makes your business more attractive to the buyers and will also understand the hard work and effort that has been put into building your business, adding value where other brokers may not see it.

3. As well as using external marketplaces to list your business, specialist sector brokers will have a database of buyers within your industry ready to market to, potentially your business could sell quicker than if you sold through a sector agnostic broker.

4. A broker or transfer agent specialising in selling businesses within the hair and beauty industry will help you plan your exit more effectively, help and advice on processes to add value to your business, when selling multiple similar businesses the broker will understand exactly what a buyer is looking for and help make your business stand out.

If you are looking for a specialist broker to sell your hair and beauty business, email us at for a no obligatory chat.


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